Health Information

Access to reliable, up-to-date health care information is important to you and your family.

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Health eChat

Listen to podcasts on a variety of topics related to your health.

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Health Minutes

UConn Health experts have teamed up with WNPR to present "health minutes."

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A free research service to Connecticut residents who have medical questions related to a personal concern.

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Lyman Maynard Stowe Library

Connecticut's only academic medical library open to the public.

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Online Resources

An alphabetical list of nationally recognized, credible sources for
up-to-date health information.

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Personal Pocket Medication Card

Have your medication information right at your fingertips.

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Skin Deep Newsletter

A newsletter from Dermatology featuring upcoming events, new research, clinical tidbits and much more.

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MedlinePlus is the National Library of Medicine's website for consumer health information. The site offers authoritative and up-to-date health information. A Spanish-language version, MedlinePlus en español, is also available.