Women's Health

Expert care for every season in a woman’s life.

UConn Health offers expert care for every season in a woman’s life. Services include comprehensive OB/GYN care, advanced reproductive services to help couples start families, and gold standard testing and diagnostic tools for osteoporosis, heart disease, breast cancer and many other conditions. Our physicians and medical staff understand women’s unique health care needs and respond to every woman with care and dignity.

In Memory of a Caring Woman

Photo of Charlotte Johnson HollfelderUConn Health proudly opened the Charlotte Johnson Hollfelder Center for Women’s Health in the fall of 2002, as a lasting memorial to Charlotte Hollfelder, a local woman who cared deeply about others. In her lifetime, Charlotte Hollfelder’s kindness touched many people. She was especially passionate about helping all women gain access to quality health care and life-saving screening tests, such as mammography.