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Adult Volunteer Program

Become a Volunteer

To begin the process of becoming a volunteer, see Steps to Becoming a Volunteer.

Thank you for inquiring about volunteer opportunities at UConn Health. Listed below are some of the areas that utilize volunteer services. All positions may not be available at the time you apply. Please make note of those positions that interest you and discuss them during your interview. Volunteers commit to volunteering for at least one four-hour shift once a week.

Volunteer Opportunities

Clerical Support (Basic and Advanced)

Many departments utilize volunteers in their offices. The Volunteer Services Department offers two levels of office assignments. The basic level clerical support role includes non-technical duties such as filing, stuffing envelopes, labeling and assisting with inventory. The advanced clerical support role provides office assistance such as data entry, copying or scanning which requires computer skills. Both of these roles require individuals who possess excellent communication and organization skills. Assignments are available weekdays only.


Retail volunteers assist the UConn Health Auxiliary with daily operations in their retail locations while providing a warm, friendly, yet professional atmosphere for customers and other volunteers. Positions are available in:

  • The Auxiliary Thrift Shop located on Park Road in West Hartford. Hours are Wednesday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Proceeds from the shop benefit the projects of the Auxiliary.
  • The Connucopia Gift Shop located in the main hospital. Hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 8 p.m.; Saturday and Sunday, 12 to 4 p.m.
Way Finding

Way Finding volunteers act as advocates and liaisons for patients and visitors at the time of arrival by greeting guests in a prompt, caring and courteous manner; providing directions or escorting guests to requested areas of the hospital or clinics. Way Finders must be able to stand for long periods of time, push a wheelchair, and walk two to six miles during a four hour shift. Way Finding volunteers are positioned in the hospital lobby, UConn Musculoskeletal Institute, and Dowling South Medical Office.

Waiting Room

Waiting Room volunteers convey information to the people in the waiting room regarding the status of their loved one. They keep individuals in the waiting room company while they are waiting. Waiting Room volunteers must be outgoing, empathetic and able to communicate effectively.

Patient Representatives

Patient Representatives help patients have a comfortable stay. They act as advocates for patients and by facilitating communications with staff with the goal of improving the quality of care and optimizing patient satisfaction. The Patient Representative distributes the Patientís Bill of Rights and reports all patient complaints and requests.


Eucharistic volunteers distribute holy communion to any patient who makes a request to receive. Available shifts are weekdays, Sunday mornings and major Christian holy days.

Neag Comprehensive Cancer Center

Volunteers in the Neag Comprehensive Cancer Center help assure that the patient's outpatient stay is as comfortable and pleasant as possible. To enhance the efficiency of medical care by escorting patients and assisting Cancer Center staff wherever possible to contribute to the quality of patient care. Volunteers in the Cancer Center must be mature, empathetic, be sensitive to the needs of patients and family members and be able to push a wheelchair.

Patient Companion

These volunteers act as companions to patients on the Geriatric Psychiatric Unit. Volunteers in this role must be considerate of the negative impact that dementia has on a patient.

Safety Equipment

Safety Equipment volunteers inspect nursing units to ensure patient lift equipment is present and plugged in, put away or in the correct location. Individuals serving in this role must be capable of packing and unpacking, moving throughout the hospital, and communicating findings back to their supervisor.

Information Desk

Information Desk volunteers ensure persons needing information regarding programs, services, and patients at UConn Health receive it in a friendly, courteous, and prompt manner. Information Desk volunteers perform errands, such as delivering flowers and mail to patients, when time permits.