Photo of the UConn Health Center


Since the UConn Health's inception, its administration and faculty have been committed to maintaining high-quality research programs as part of the institution's fabric. This commitment has enabled UConn Health to recruit distinguished researchers with expertise in molecular biology, cell physiology, cancer immunology, and stem cell research among other fields.

Through Bioscience Connecticut, the original research building on the UConn Health campus will be renovated and modernized, including space for start-up bioscience businesses.

In addition, Bioscience Connecticut is bringing about a new collaboration between the state, UConn, UConn Health, Yale University, and the prestigious Jackson Laboratory. The project will enable Connecticut to assume a position of global leadership in genomics and personalized medicine by developing new medical treatments tailored to each patientís unique genetic makeup. The Jackson project will be housed in a new building on the UConn Health campus.

These developments follow the addition in 2010 of the Universityís Cell and Genome Sciences Building that houses the Stem Cell Institute as well as cutting edge cell biology and genetics research, and technology transfer in the areas of stem cell biology, advanced microscopy and imaging, computational biology, and genetics. They unite in a cross-disciplinary, collaborative setting to enhance Connecticutís role as a leader in stem cell research and accelerate discoveries that ultimately could lead to therapies treating a broad range of diseases and disorders.

UConn Health is also home to a robust clinical trials program that intersects with many clinical specialists. And all intellectual endeavors are supported by the Lyman Maynard Stowe Library.