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Office of Audit, Compliance and Ethics

Compliance Program

UConn Health's Compliance Program is a part of the University’s Office of Audit, Compliance and Ethics. The Compliance Program is in place to ensure that our institution meets the highest possible standards where relevant federal, state and local regulations, laws and guidelines are concerned. Our program helps to ensure ethical conduct by all staff and requires us to monitor various aspects of practices in our institution which in turn ensures lawful activity. It also provides us with a solid structure for internally communicating compliance with the complex regulations often required of health care institutions.

Reporting Compliance Concerns

UConn Health welcomes the reporting of compliance concerns. Reporting assists us in our obligation to maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct, professionalism and quality in all UConn Health activities. In addition it helps to ensure compliance with all laws, regulations, standards, policies and procedures.

We encourage people to utilize the UConn Health reporting mechanisms listed below. If you would like to remain completely anonymous, you may call REPORTLINE at 1-888-685-2637, a confidential service operated by a private (non-UConn Health) company, which forwards information to the compliance office. We also recognize that everyone has the right to report concerns directly to the state or federal government. Using internal mechanisms will provide UConn Health with the opportunity to address and correct non-compliant activities in a timely and efficient manner.

To report a compliance concern you may contact:

  1. Your immediate supervisor.
  2. Your immediate supervisor’s supervisor (if the compliance issue relates to your immediate supervisor).
  3. An appropriate manager within the operating structure of UConn Health.
  4. Associate/assistant dean or dean of the appropriate school.
  5. The chief compliance officer (CCO) of the clinical, administrative, education, research, or finance domain.
  6. The corporate compliance integrity and privacy officer.
  7. The federal government or the state of Connecticut.

For more detailed information, see the Reporting Compliance Concerns Policy (PDF).