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Compliance Quandary Archive

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Paper Communications Containing PHI

What Is a Global Surgical Package?

No ID Badge – What to Do?

Ignoring HIPAA or Just Not Thinking It Through?

Discontinued Surgery – Can the Hospital Bill?

Modifier 25

Misdirected Faxes

Blood Pressure Checks

Conflict of Interest in Research

Initial Hospital/Hospice Care and Discharge on Same Day


Responsibility of a Hiring Manager

Accessing Patient Electronic Records

Outside Academically-Related Activities

Documentation and Coding for Time

Appropriate Use of State Resources

How Do You Code a Discharge Day Management Code?

You Be the Coder

Test Your Compliance Knowledge

Determining New Versus Established in Facility Evaluation and Management Fees


Why Is That Government Agent Standing on My Doorstep?

Split and Shared Visits

Pre-Operative Visits

Who Is the Patient’s Representative for Health Care Decisions?

Outside Employment/Contracting with the State

When Is a Patient New Versus Established?

Consult Versus Transfer of Care

What to Do When a Service Is Not Covered by Medicare

What Is My Role?


What Are the Holiday Gift Rules?

Initial Hospital Visit Code: Day 1 or Day 2?

Is This a HIPAA Privacy Breach?

Medical Necessity: “The Overarching Criteria”

Research Conflict of Interest

“Who Is the Legal Patient Representative?” or “Patient Representatives?”

Research Compliance Implications

Medicare Coverage Guidelines

Resident Teaching Documentation Guidelines