Photo of baby in a watermelon cap

August 2013

August 4
Janiyah born to Amber and Anselmo

August 7
Aubrie born to Christine and Alfredo

August 8
Aven born to Anna and Joe
Jolene and Jenna born to Jaime and Jon

August 9
Andrew born to Megan and Joe




August 12
Bentlee born to Joselyn and Benicino
Dalton born to Heather and Frederick

August 13
Isabella born to Dongnhu and Justin

August 16
Ayden born to Michelle and AJ

August 17
Maxwell born to Shelly and Scott


August 21
Wilbert-Michael born to Damarie and Wilbert

August 22
Aiden born to Katelyn

August 28
Lilyanna born to Laura and Bryan
Koda born to Jennifer and Robert

August 31
Antian born to Qingcheng and Yanlin